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Acupuncture and Back pain

Each vertebrae of the spine moves independently from the vertebrae above and below. All together, all of the vertebrae move as a unit to create normal movement of the spine. A ‘vertebral fixation complex’ does not allow the spine the freedom it is meant to have.  Back pain can be frequently related to a vertebral fixation complex involving at least 2 or 3 vertebrae ‘locked together’. This creates restricted movement of the spine affecting the musculature of the back.


When muscles are restricted due to vertebral fixations, other muscles need to compensate and this can creates imbalance and myospasm that produces the back pain. Acupuncture points called the ‘Huatoujiaji points’ and other very specific meridian acupuncture points, trigger points and motor points are also needled. These are very specific anatomical acupuncture points located adjacent to, and between each vertebrae.


Identifying, palpating and needling the musculature of the back is done to release the myospasm. Releasing the vertebral fixation by needling the many layers of small paraspinal muscles (muscles between and beside the spine) can allow a release of pressure on the nerves and blood vessels giving back to the spine, independent moving vertebrae. Flexibility thus can improve and pain can reduce.  If the condition has been ongoing,  secondary problems can occur in the muscles that are attached to affected vertebrae or innervated by, the affected vertebrae’s nerves. Directly treating these affected adjacent muscle is imperative in restoring over all function. Learn More > Conditions acupuncture is good for ...  


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