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An Introduction to Acupuncture

Acupuncture for the treatment of sports related injuries, muscle pain, spinal problems, trauma, postural imbalance, joint dysfunction and weakness.


Musculo-skeletal acupuncture is the process of inserting very fine acupuncture needles into key areas in the affected muscles and spinal segment. The objective of this type of acupuncture treatment is to aid in 'resetting' dysfunctional muscle spindles to help resolve musculo-skeletal injuries. By needling both the 'Motor Points' , adjacent trigger points as well as the involved antagonist muscle groups and associated spinal segment’s may ‘deactivate’ and ‘elongate’ these malfunctioning muscle fibres. This method may restore balance and function following trauma or repetitive strain.


Chronic musculo-skeletal pain often involves an imbalance in opposing muscle groups (agonist and antagonist muscles) which leads to faults in alignment, inefficient movement, reduced flexibility, numbness and tingling, circulation problems and pain.


What is found when palpating the muscles is likely tight muscle bands commonly referred to as ‘trigger points’  (knotted up, shortened muscle fibres) primarily around the involved muscles key ‘motor point’. Manual muscle testing is done throughout a course of treatment and an  increased range of motion is expected in the affected joint as well as a reduction in pain and an increase in muscle strength also during the course. For more information on motor points etc: CLICK;  An introduction to Acupuncture cont...The finer points    

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