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Mayfly Acupuncture Services Schedule 

Session Fees for various treatments; 

 Traditional Chinese Acupuncture; $100 initial appointment / $100 subsequent appointments

                                                             Health Rebates Apply*

Sports Acupuncture; $100 initial appointment / $100 subsequent appointments                     

                                    Health Rebates Apply*

Laser Acupuncture (LLLT/Cold Laser/ NO NEEDLES); $100 initial appointment / $100 subsequent appointments

                                   Health Rebates Apply*

Please note I only treat one patient- at a time- so all my attention is devoted to you. A standard acupuncture treatment includes diet and lifestyle counselling and may include several modalities (listed on the home page).

Cosmetic | Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture -$100 initial appointment / $100 subsequent appointments - a series of approximately 10 sessions is required for optimal results with Cosmetic acupuncture.

Health rebates are available with over 40 health insurance companies.

Billing and payment of accounts: Payment is required at the time of service. Please ask about payment methods before attending your appointment.

Appointments: Mayfly Acupuncture offers sessions by appointment only and are conducted between the hours of;

10am-6:30pm Tuesday- Fridays.

Contact Margie # 0438 815 167  | email;

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