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Conditions acupuncture and Chinese medicine suitable;

Musculo-skeletal/ Sports Acupuncture may be suitable for many conditions that involve the spine, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and nerves.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture may be used for the treatment of internal patterns of disease such as woman's issues, immune disorders, urinary tract and kidney patterns of disease, symptoms associated with liver conditions, neurological and cardiovascular system, digestive imbalances and many more symptoms effecting internal heath. 

Conditions frequently treated with the use of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine;


Back and Hip disorders and pain; sciatica, piriformis syndrome, spasm, fixations and subluxations, sacro-iliac sprains and various strains in the muscles


Neck pain; wry neck, impinged nerves, headaches, pain, spasms and poor range of neck movement

Shoulder problems and pain; poor mobility and lack in normal range of motion, joint dysfunction and impingement syndromes, torn tendons, repetative strain injuries, post surgical pain, rotator cuff traumas, partial tears, sprain, conditions affecting the bursa sac.

Joint problems; pain, poor range of motion, impingement on movement, impairment of the correct functioning of the tendons, ligaments, swelling of the carpal tunnel, vertebrae and bursa sacs, repetitive strain injuries 

Nerve conditions; commonly used for treatment of various neurological conditions of both an acute and chronic in nature, post trauma or post surgical nerve damage


Also commonly used to treat repetitive strain related injuries, sports Injuries, chronic stress and tension related pain;

  • joint and muscle pain, trauma and post surgical pain, malfunctioning of normal joint range of motion

  • foot and ankle dysfunction, sprain, spasms and pain, lack of proper range of motion

  • tempro-mandibular joint disorders (TMJ/TMD) such as teeth grinding, pain, headaches, joint mis alignment, teeth clenching

  • headaches 

  • poor circulation to legs, arms, elbows, wrist or hand

Traditionally, Chinese Medicine practices have been used to treat many “Chinese Medicine Disorders”. Here are “some examples:

  • common cold (感冒 gǎn mào) cough (咳嗽 ké sòu) wheezing (哮证 xiāo zhèng) breathlessness (喘证 chuǎn zhèng) palpitations (心悸 xīn jì) chest pain (胸痹 xiōng bì)

  • stomach pain (胃脘痛 wèi wǎn tòng) acid regurgitation (泛酸 fàn suān) nausea/vomiting (呕吐 ŏu tù) abdominal pain (腹痛 fù tòng) abdominal distension (腹胀 fù zhàng/ 痞满 pǐ mǎn) diarrhoea (泄泻 xiè xiè) constipation (便秘 biàn mì)

  • infertility (不孕不育 bù yùn bù yù) painful periods (dysmenorrhoea ) (痛经 tòng jīng) vaginal discharge (leucorrhoea ) (带下 dài xià) seminal emission (遗精 yí jīng) impotence (阳痿 yáng wěi)

  • panic, anxiety and agitation (feelings of) (恐慌 kŏng huáng,焦虑 jiāo lǜ) altered moods (情绪不稳 qíng xù bù wěn)

  • dizziness/vertigo (眩晕 xuàn yūn) pain (疼痛 téng tòng) headaches (头痛 tóu tòng) tremors (颤证 chàn zhèng) wind stroke (中风 zhòng fēng)

  • oedema (水肿 shuǐ zhǒng) sweating syndrome (汗证 hàn zhèng) wasting and thirsting syndrome (消渴 xiāo kě) fatigue (虚劳 xūláo)

  • skin conditions (皮肤疾病 pí fū jí bìng) hair loss (脱发 tuō fà) assisting in the treatment of addictions (戒酒 jiè jiǔ, 戒烟 jiè yān, 戒毒 jiè dú)

  • Please Note: This is not a complete list of Chinese Medicine disorders treated by Acupuncture and Chinese Medicin                                                                                                                                                                                         

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