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What happens when a motor point or trigger point gets needled?


You may feel a dull localized ache and may feel a referral of a dull achy sensation along the common referral path of the affected muscle. This is an excellent response! When needling the motor point the patient may feel a ‘twitch’ response which is excellent. This is the motor point relaxing or the trigger point releasing and alleviating pressure on the nerves. It can be instantaneous.


What will I feel after acupuncture?


You will likely feel very relaxed and peaceful. Acupuncture releases endorphins & enkephalins as a side effect (joy joy happy happy 'at peace feeling' pain relieving hormones released by the pituitary gland and central nervous system) and long term treatment has been known to regulate serotonin levels which is excellent for mood regulation.


For the treatment of musculo-skeletal pain, after the first session you may feel the area that was treated may feel heavy and for some people light and airy. The area could have an overall dull ache to it within the first 24-48 hours.

This is generally a good sign of the commencement of healing and change starting to occur in the affected area. Improvement in the condition is generally notable after the 1st to 3rd session and often sooner. Throughout the course of treatment pain should reduce, mobility should increase, the muscles will feel stronger, your posture will be better and sleep should improve.

What is Chinese Cupping and what will I feel after cupping?


Chinese cupping is the application of cups (plastic or glass) to the skin surface using either heat or a vaccuum device to suck up the skin, fascia and superficial muscle layers. When using Chinese cupping there will be red markings or superficial bruising following the application of the cups. This does not hurt and in fact feels nice to have done! At most you will feel a slight sensitivity to the skin the day following cupping. If you have an issue with the temporary markings then please communicate this with your practitioner.


Cupping stimulates blood flow and can be quite relaxing on the musculature. It  has been used for thousands of years for the immune system to alleviate cough, difficult breathing, tight or sore chest and phlegm in the lungs.


What does electric-acupuncture feel like and what will I feel after?


Electric- acupuncture is frequently used in musculo-skeletal treatments. Acupuncture is applied as per the usual and the small electrodes are attached to the shaft of the needle via a TENS machine. A slight current goes through the needle into the affected muscle or joint. This just feels like a 'buzz' or 'vibration' and does not hurt. Often, the muscle will bounce around when there are 2 connected needles in the same muscle. This is quite effective and just feels funny


What does Infarred feel like?


Infrared therapy is the use of infrared rays via a specialized lamp to warm, stimulate repair of connective tissues and promote blood flow. It feels so very nice and warm like a heat bag but a much deeper affect. 


How many treatments will I need?


This varies and will depend on how long you have had the condition for, the type of work you do and how consistent you are with your treatment. In general, for musculo skeletal conditions the average amount of sessions required can commonly be 4-8 sessions with several follow up sessions with one being two weeks after the last and then one 4 weeks after that.

Internal health conditions if fresh approx 3-6 if long term cronic 6-10


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Frequently asked questions about Acupuncture

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