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Methods of Treatment

Acupuncture;Is the insertion of very fine, pre sterilized, one time use only, stainless steel, very fine needles into motor points, trigger points and acupuncture points (specifically located points along meridian pathways that connect to the internal organs)


Methods below can be used in conjunction with Acupuncture or on their own and will vary depending on individual condition as to what adjunct treatment may be used;


Electric Acupuncture: Is the attachment of a small device (TENS machine= trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) VIA electrodes to the shaft of an acupuncture needle to elicit electrical stimulation through the needle - into the muscle or acupuncture point.


Electric Acupuncture can possibly aid in ‘retraining’ muscle function following surgery,injury, trauma, sprain or strain. It is indicated for pain relating to a range of underlying conditions and for neurological disorders.


Chinese Cupping: Is the use of suction cups to stimulate the flow of blood and energy through the body. Cupping influences the circulation of the blood and Qi (electro-magnetic energy). The primary indication of Chinese cupping is for conditions involving the immune systems and the lungs such as; asthma, wheezing, cough due to cold, bronchitis, emphysema. shortness of breath etc. Other indications for cupping are for; poor circulation, pain in the muscles and feeling of cold. Cupping is similar to massage but instead of pushing down and sliding, it is 'picking up and pulling out' the muscle bundle, particularly when using oil on the skin and using a 'sliding cupping technique' (versus 'stationary cupping' which is better for lung conditions)

Infrared Therapy: Penetrates beyond skin level deep into the body absorbed by both the cells at skin level and cells deeper in the body. Infrared Therapy may reduce inflammation, accelerate the decomposition of unstable structures such as dead cells, may re absorb accumulated lactic acid in the bodies natural healing time and may promotes bio processes such as; increasing the circulation of the blood and metabolism and thus stimulating muscle, tendon, ligament and venous repair. Infrared rays 'warm cold and dry dampness' in the joints (i.e.; conditions like that of osteo arthritis) or conditions involving lymphatic drainage and edema. Also skin conditions such as psoriasis and circulatory conditions such as varicose veins infrared may be suitable for.

Go to; Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about what these methods feel like to have applied.

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